Lustre Lashes is a Brisbane based, Australian business passionate about all things beauty! We have personally sampled hundreds of strip mink & faux eyelashes and we have chosen 45 styles that we think are the most soft, gorgeous and fluffy to bring to you. Our lashes are cruelty free and have ultra thin soft band suitable for any eye shape and size! Our signature 45 styles include natural styles to dramatic to wispy. We hope you love them as much as we do. xx

Why Lustre Lashes?

It started with my love of having long lashes. I used to have my extensions done every two to three weeks.  I had an issue with eyelash extensions.  I went to get my eyelash extensions from my regular eyelash technician and my eyes were really itchy after the extensions were put in. When I came home my eyes were red.  I decided to take my extension out but lost majority of my own lashes as well…. I felt self-conscious about barely having any lashes.  I was reluctant to get extension again so I bought a few strip lashes and started wearing them. I found lashes in chemist and department stores. Some were uncomfortable to wear and some looked like plastic. Others had a thick band and were heavy on my eyes and uncomfortable. I wanted to find a perfect pair for myself.

I decided to import different kinds of lashes and try them.  I contacted various suppliers had 100s of samples.

I tried different samples. With the help of my family we tried all the lashes and glues. I wanted something that I could wear at least 9 to 10 hours a day that was cruelty free and comfortable, lightweight, fluffy and soft and will last at least over a month.   After going through all the lashes I settled on the lashes I loved. The strip is very thin cotton, soft band and the lashes were so fluffy.  I wore them every day to work and functions.

Everywhere I went I received compliments.  My friends and family wanted them. My clients were asking about them. I imported more and started selling them.  Before I could bat my lashes Lustre Lashes was formed. The logo was created with an idea at 3am in the morning.  The wings in the logo representing the lashes.

We at Lustre Lashes are passionate about lashes and makeup. The lashes you will receive from us are the same ones we use every day. With extensions I paid up to $200. Our strip lashes will last up to 30 wears with good care and are under $25.  I wanted to make these strip lashes affordable for everyone so I kept it at a reasonable price for you.  We have created styles ranging from natural to dramatic style lashes. You can wear it every day as they are very comfortable and suits all eye shapes. They are not harsh on your natural lashes. When I had extensions I kept losing my own lashes on a regular basis. With strip lashes you can take them off easily without damaging your natural lashes.  The strip lashes give the extra glamorous look without the side effects.  I hope you love them as much as I do.